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S.R. metering pumps and systems is the world leader in manufacturing positive displacement pumps, chemical dosing pump, plunger and diaphragm type. In Asia It is currently delivering excellent & quick sales and service to India, in the states of maharastra and gujrat. It also manufactures hydro testing system, Boiler feed water-dosing system and biocide spraying system.


SR Metering Pumps & Systems, we develop custom precision metering pumps and metering system custom solutions to meet your unique productions needs.


Every SR Metering Systems & metering pump is designed for all types of demanding applications. The highest quality high-speed tool and stainless steels are utilized to control thermal expansion for high-heat applications. Special coatings can be applied for highly corrosive and abrasive applications as well. As of today, the longest running SR Metering Pumps, with minimal maintenance, have been operating continuously since the early 2000’s in the INDIA. 


S R Metering Pumps & Systems

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Precision Metering Systems, Diaphragm Pumps, Reciprocating pumps, Precision Metering Pumps, World Leader in Manufacturing

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